Sunday, November 30, 2008

Prof.. Pollan, Berkerly, believes we should have a "Farmer in Chief

Bill Moyers Journal . Changing The Way We Eat | PBS
I am not amazed at how bad the food supply in the Usa has become. I have acid reflux, diverticulitis and other digestive problems. It is hard to eat anything. All this bad food leads to osteoporosis and colon cancers and who knows what. The food is filled with hormones and steroids fed to animals who eat food with chemicals and are rapidly slaughtered in inhumane ways. Food in Europe is much healther as is the great organic food of Seattle, California and even Little Cedar Key--not to mention the fresh caught fish. Sarsasota has a growning farmers and organic market but it is not well known. Adele Davis used to say "You are what you eat" and if this is true we are a compilation of bad chemicals. Its putting one drop of sewage in a large vat of fine wine; it becomes sewage. Enzymes are missing (they break down our food)......and the food industry is saying "eat more"! You be the judge and do your home work its your body and without ti your mind does not have a chance.

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