Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Norbert, spelling and feedback loops

I always liked Norbert Weiner .  He was the father of "cybernetics" basically a feedback loop. When you look at "psycho-cybernetics" you have Tony Robbins and a quick way to learn a skill many have taken years to master.

He refused to join the Manhattan Project, you know, the nuclear bomb, dropped by the airplane named "enola gay"--its in the Smithsonian Museam in D.C. I think it was named after the pilots'

He was a great thinker and mathematician.  But fact everything you  read on the internet, the New York Times, the local rag and actually everything.  Mark Twain said
"Carlyle said 'a lie cannot live.' It shows that he did not know how to tell them." - Mark Twain's Autobiography; Mark Twain in Eruption ...

So Norbert did not lie but he probably bullied and made fun of because of his name.  But, genius's seem to have strange names.  Some are cartoonish but we remember them and that is the point; anyway.

If you do your homework on this essay, you will find that "nuclear" is often spelled "nucleaar" in google findings. Now what is that about?  Tell me then we can have a good laugh.  Then again, maybe I spelled it wrong. Can't blame it on dsylectia (Tom Cruise, actor, seems to have it); but an itchy pinky, or an overactive "hunt and pecker" using only 2 fingers. 

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