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this long address is the "deep Web" page index. I knew that Northern lights, dogpile and google were good but a lot of academic and other buried research was missing. So try it for your "deep" Freudian sub-web look-c's and see what you find. Its new to me.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

r we all psychic quantum moralists in 2012

These three musketeers: Butler, Mill and Nietzsche
they were philosophers, seekers of the truth as we as humans and hyper-humans are doing constantly. Philos in the Greek really means knowledge; without it we die; with it we grow and thrive. I thought it apropos to differentiate between morals, which are really rules, like American law, the Bible's ten commandments and so on and ethics which sets up criterian for discovering truth. Values, I believe is the most important of all the philosophical ideas because it gives us steps and criteria to discovers who we are and stick to those ideals.

For example there are criteria for living a healthy life. One may be not eating a lot of red meat, smoking cigars or exercising. See Sid Simon, former professor at U Mass Amhearst, probably the # 1 liberal arts school in the usa. Liberal arts does not measn liberal politically, but rather the study of culture; what makes us human, arts, music, dance and anything humans create in order to tell a story of culture; at least that is my take on the issue.

These historical thinkers: Joseph Butler (1692-1752), J. S. Mill (1806-1873) and Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900). All different but they believed they had an answer to mans and womans puzzle of how am I and how do I stack up to others, to put it non-academically.

My thesis is that Metaphysics, the book after physics in Plato's book, is really an extension of moral philosophy, how we find good from evil. It is not necessarily endowed by God, although it could be.

moral philosophers regard the common good as did Jefferson and Thomas Aquinas, one of my favs. Albert the Great as empirical study as a source of knowledge of the natural world. He is remembered chiefly as the teacher and
colleague who encouraged Thomas Aquinas to apply Aristotelian arguments to Christian thought. But Aquinas did believe angels sort of flew in fixed orbits which would preclude too many of them visiting humans and imparting knowledge, as some believe

Aquanis did believe that one should show a willingness to restraint iwhen human desires and inclinations took first place in actions negating thinking of any sort.

Butler, beleived Christian tradition, beleived that human nature is sort of is congruent to virtue, because of a kind God. But, it all hinges on the old or new testiment God, I believe.
Mill thinks that virtue involves common good and conservative moral restraint, but he does not lock it to any theology. He and Butler share the idea that whether we are able to be virtuous at all and he has an idea on that thought.
Nietzsche, who said "that which does not kill us, makes us stronger" seems to hate traditional thinking about morality. He is neither Platonic nor what we could call contemporary Christian.

Nietzsche lived a lonely life with a lot of psychological and physical pain for which he took many drugs but continued to write anyway. He told a story of the Ubermenche, the superman who walked the tightrope between man and the gods. He basically said let the dead bury the dead and get on with living your life.

By contrast Buddah said, "I am awake" and that is it live in the moment between the past and future. Breathe....

So metaphysics, some call supernatural or psychic is part of humans and some can do it, as a boy I could hear a dog whistle but could not sing. Its just a part of the brain where remote thoughts are picked up and even the US Army studied psychic concepts to see if they could figure what the enemy was thinking.

So, its not religion, which means in
Greek to "bind" and that is not done well in churches today, but philosophy. It is true "so a man thinks, so he is".

As we enter closer toteh year 2012, as planets align and all becomes transparent, we all become closer and degrees of separation approach one, maybe zero. a quantum multiple uiverses become more evident we just have to decide which reality we want to live in and in what moral gradiant.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Geronimo : you need to know: native name Goyathlay

I bought a print in Atlanta in 1972 done by Mark English, artist and this mentor and friend, Goyathlay, has been with me since for guidance and instruction. I found this website which gave a great synopsis of him. I want others to know about our first natives that gave us the constitution, popcorn, and powwows of which I have been honored to be invited and attended. Sweat lodges and stories by Indians have fortified my soul and nourished my spirit. The three things I learned were: honor, respect and tradition. In these times, Americans could benefit from all three.

The picture is a print from a painting by Mark English. I own the print. I took this photo with my palm treo 650 camera phone--who would have "thunk" it.

Native Americas have a open heart all the time and help everyone.

I was hiking in a park near Bradenton , FL a sacred burial mound park and a native told me that bad evil indians were buried with heart down toward the center of the earth so no one could experence their evil. I have never met an indian with a dark heart, broken, damaged and unrecognized, yes..but always glowing, futuristic and seeking.

They have been here for at least 25,000 years and I am told by some natives that they believe they were the first space travelers (ET's) to have arrived here from another universe. I do not know about this but I feel they have power and love that work miracles on the planet. My best friend in Muncie was an Indian, his grand parents being full blooded. Back then no one know or cared about indians and they were not as honored by many as of today.

It was jerry wilhoite who first camped with danny toppin and me in Mammoth Cave, an icon and historical cave, one of the largest and most historical in the world with hundreds of explored caverns and a 2500 year old Indian that was was crushed by falling gypsum which he was collecting in the cave. He used to be on display inside the tour of the cave but now he is honored in a special place as natives did not feel he should be open to the public: we should honor our elders.

We found caves on the side of the hill in Green River campground in 1965, while I was on vacation from Colonial Bakery, where I worked my way throughout college at $2.72 per hour...yes, that is in first semester's tuition was $50.00. I have the receipt to prove it. It was really cheap then.

Later another decedent of great native chiefs, Barry Keith Snyder of Barry Snyder studios, Oakland, FL (Orlando) who was senior design engineer at Disney's Imagineering Team. He now has his own studio and does international art work, the Orlando airport and food courts for schools. His work is known for its creative durability, longevity and intuitive design. I am currently doing some photo journalism for some artists in Sarasota-Renaissance arts capital of the world --home of John Ringling's art school dream--Ringling Art School..a classic example of why imagination is more important than intelligence--Einstein said that not me.

Well, Barry's son entered Mammoth Cave when he was about 6 months old with me, Barry and Denise, his mother (although of native American decent) in a flag painted bus, a VW, classic, cost of about $100. Barry kept coming back to the cave and as Shane grew he grew more in love with the cave and decided to become a cave rescues diver and has conduced many water rafting adventures. There was a movie done about him somewhere when he saved the lives of cave explorers. It all began with my native friends willing to go tent camping with me in Mammoth Cave , KY. You should go soon.

this history is credited to website:

I found this section very apropos to my vision today, as I gaze upon my friend Goyathlay, write and muse of my many native friends, musicians (Cody Winterhawk, formally of Florida where he was a flute maker and great guide and seller of native american arts) and story tellers.

Geronimo (Spanish for Jerome, applied by the Mexicans as a nickname; native name Goyathlay, `one who yawns'). A medicine man and prophet of the Chiricahua Apache who, in the latter part of the 19th century, acquired notoriety through his opposition to the authorities and by systematic and sensational advertising; born about 1834 at the headwaters of Gila River, New Mexico, near old Ft Tulerosa. His father was Taklishim, `The Gray One,' who was not a chief, although his father (Geronimo's grandfather) assumed to be a chief without heredity or election. Geronimo's mother was known as Juana.
When it was decided, in 1876, in consequence of depredations committed in Sonora, of which the Mexican government complained, to remove the Chiricahua from their reservation on the south frontier to San Carlos, Ariz., Geronimo and others of the younger chiefs fled into Mexico. He was arrested later when he returned with his band to Ojo Caliente, New Mexico, and tilled the ground in peace on San Carlos reservation until the Chiricahua became discontented because the Government would not help them irrigate their lands. In 1882 Geronimo led one of the hands that raided in Sonora and surrendered when surrounded by Gen. George H. Crook's force in the Sierra Madre. He had one of the best farms at San Carlos, when trouble arose in 1854 in consequence of the attempt of the authorities to stop the making of tiswin, the native intoxicant.
During 1884-85 he gathered a band of hostiles, who terrorized the inhabitants of south Arizona and New Mexico, as well as of Sonora and Chihuahua, in Mexico. Gen. Crook proceeded against them with instructions to capture or destroy the chief and his followers.
In Mar. 1886, a truce was made, followed by a conference, at which the terms of surrender were agreed on; but Geronimo and his followers having again fled to the Sierra Madre across the Mexican frontier, and Gen. Miles having been placed in command, active operations were renewed and their surrender was ultimately effected in the following August. The entire band, numbering about 340, including Geronimo and Nachi, the hereditary chief, were deported as prisoners of war, first to Florida and later to Alabama, being finally settled at Ft Sill, Okla., where they now reside under military supervision and in prosperous condition, being industrious workers and careful spenders. (J. M. C. T. )

The books presented are for their historical value only and are not the opinions of the Webmasters of the site.
Handbook of American Indians, 1906

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Art: what we create, what we feel; when to quit!

  • Mostly art is the conscious act of correcting mistakes after great experimentation

  • This space is the present moment: between the inhale and exhale. Use it always.

  • Life has to be one big blue and white spherical egg, a  spinning test tube where all of us, plants, animals and especially the new late-coming humans just have fun trying out new things; else depression, pain and the worst-negative or no spiritual or emotional growth.
  • The key is to know when to stop creating and know what to keep and what to discard.  Mainly, it is knowing when to stop.  A lot of potential earth shaking art is ruined because the artist does not know that "enough is enough".
but remember the average distance, which some dispute, from black to white is about 18% grey. Kihil Gibran wrote , "the white said to the black, if you were more grey...truth and neutrality acording to jimy wales founder of winkipedia is a non issue. So the art is impartial and the viewer perceives through the distorted lens of feelings, prejudices, misinformation, mal-iformation  {0-411}
and even contrived or disinformation
  • this is it! Finis because the color in the world we see is about 12-18% so nothing is black or white in reality of physics, unless we delve into quantum physics and quantum foam where several vectors run parallel like trains on separate tracks and we can choose which train and even the car which we choose to ride...different outcomes based on our preferences and mostly intents, which are mental constructs. So what you think may influence the outcome. As Marshall McLuan, Media Professor of Canada said, "The room without the electric light is not the same room once the light is introduced. Everything changes, not just the light avlable but the mental and physical state of the room and its inhabitants.

  • dont forget most of the world is related to metaphors. Metaphors were used in hypnosis as  script to help the subject relax.
  • see      

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Monday, June 9, 2008

bad tomatoes

It is not all the Florida tomotoes that have food bacteria in them.....
NBC Augusta
McDonald's, others pull tomatoes over salmonella - 2 hours ago
OAK BROOK, Ill. (AP) — McDonald's said Monday it has stopped serving sliced tomatoes in its US restaurants over concerns about salmonella food poisoning ...
Maybe we should reconsider eating fast food; maybe Mother Nature is tell us something...gee, I wonder what, maybe that we should be buying farmers market (like the Saturday downtown Sarasota market) fruit and veggies...then again, "you can't fool mother nature", but she can sure wreck havoc on your system if you cross her.....