Thursday, June 12, 2008

Art: what we create, what we feel; when to quit!

  • Mostly art is the conscious act of correcting mistakes after great experimentation

  • This space is the present moment: between the inhale and exhale. Use it always.

  • Life has to be one big blue and white spherical egg, a  spinning test tube where all of us, plants, animals and especially the new late-coming humans just have fun trying out new things; else depression, pain and the worst-negative or no spiritual or emotional growth.
  • The key is to know when to stop creating and know what to keep and what to discard.  Mainly, it is knowing when to stop.  A lot of potential earth shaking art is ruined because the artist does not know that "enough is enough".
but remember the average distance, which some dispute, from black to white is about 18% grey. Kihil Gibran wrote , "the white said to the black, if you were more grey...truth and neutrality acording to jimy wales founder of winkipedia is a non issue. So the art is impartial and the viewer perceives through the distorted lens of feelings, prejudices, misinformation, mal-iformation  {0-411}
and even contrived or disinformation
  • this is it! Finis because the color in the world we see is about 12-18% so nothing is black or white in reality of physics, unless we delve into quantum physics and quantum foam where several vectors run parallel like trains on separate tracks and we can choose which train and even the car which we choose to ride...different outcomes based on our preferences and mostly intents, which are mental constructs. So what you think may influence the outcome. As Marshall McLuan, Media Professor of Canada said, "The room without the electric light is not the same room once the light is introduced. Everything changes, not just the light avlable but the mental and physical state of the room and its inhabitants.

  • dont forget most of the world is related to metaphors. Metaphors were used in hypnosis as  script to help the subject relax.
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