Monday, June 29, 2009

Politico-speak in UK: The front fell off-read "Oil Spill"

The ship was made so well that the front would not fall off; but it did fall off but now because the front fell off the oil spilled but it was towed out of the environment into another enviroment because a wave that should have not made the front fall off made the front fall off.

Politico-speak in UK: The front fell off-read "Oil Spill"

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

BrightTALK Hosts Copyright War Summit

How can we communicate and pick up on body language, which accounts for 80% of "the true message", according to david eigen, Ph. D. author of many books about men using a Jungian. With airlines telling us to "sit down and shut up, bag searches and delays, gas prices too high, not to mention the cost of hotels and meals this may be a better way.

Now is my "mac" computer could just logically analyze my moods and tell me how to improve my communication skills, verbally, then we would have it made in the shade. Maybe if I put this lead wire here, in the left frontal lobe...............