Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dr. Michele Ronnick, Ph. D., professor Wayne State U, took 10 years to publish a book on a black scholar

William Sanders Scarborough - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

He was fluent in classical languages and thought and wanted, at the turn of the centry to go catalogue and study the languages and dialects of Africa. It never happened. Only now are we coming to grips with the greatness of this man with an A.M. from Oberlin college in Ohio.  Not much is known about his fathers history, except working for the railroad as a switchman.  the family was from Macon, Ga and his fathers grave has not yet been found.

Mr. Scarborough felt that an education in the classics and languages superceded the trades; contradicting the works of Dr. Dubois, a harvard educated Ph. D.

Much work needs to be done and papers written.  Anyone interested in classical Greek & Latin studies, should take the time to start research.  Michele Ronnick, Ph. D., at Wayne State found a plethoria of facts and scholarly works by this man. Ronnick edited The Autobiography of William Sanders Scarborough: An American Journey From Slavery to Scholarship which was published in 2005 by Wayne State University Press.

This lone black man, although not the only one, turned  toward Greece and the classical languages for guidence and insight into human thought and culture.  Get to work!

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