Friday, November 28, 2008

Dolphin Research: smart and friendly; they talk to us

University of Massachusetts grad student Stefante Gazda and her two assistants, Sarah Hosford & Olliva Harries, living in Cedar key for 6 months.  They have a  talk on 12/04.08 @ 5pm. at the Cedar Key Library. Cedar Key people (old florida) have been really nice; real old fashioned still here.  Women are doing incredible things.  Dr. David Eigen, Ph. D.  ( has written on us men growing and catching up, but that is another story.

The Mote Marine Center is researching Manatee fish, they have names, I cannot recall; one manatee is about 50 some years and does not look a year over 20. Him and his buddy have bad eyes but are trained by treats. They are always looking for volunteers.  Woods Hole (MA) and San Diego Research facility look out: Florida is creating waves in Marine research...and Sarasota has and is the World Arts Capital, also.

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