Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My best Native American Friend: Healer and fire circle organizer-a Mentor

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Rev. Zan Butterfly Deerwoman Benham,
 goddess of many hats, weaves together modalities as individual and unique as the clients she serves. She is an ordained interfaith minister and a spiritual counselor. She is also Certified Hypnotist, Reiki Master, energy worker, shamanic practitioner, motivational teacher and ceremonialist. Rev. Zan has actively participated in healing circles for almost 20 years. She is Clan Mother of the southwest Florida Mockingbird Clan, a rainbow clan which follows "native way spirituality" and she has spent time with some of the shaman/chacaruna's of Peru.
Rev. Zan ButterflyDeerwoman often facilitates new moon and full moon healing circles, shamanic journeys, soul retrievals and sweat lodges. She is a pipe bearer, in the tradition of the late Sun Bear and a water pourer for sweat lodges.
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