Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Imagineering, microsoft, Indiana University and our physical bodies revealed in seconds by touch

Microsoft Surface Gets Doctors' Notice | Gadget Lab from

Surface  computers area a really good idea, medically. The Texas Health Resources group in Dallas, Tx. Brainstorming, the docs found ability to show detailed images in 3D models of the patient.  Of course the corpus callosum is right in the middle separating the halves; like a mediator in a court, maybe moderating both sides.

Imagining team at Disney had this idea years ago; but who speaks with artists. I do, Barry Snyder was on the team for about 8 years, designing Disney Characters, but is an international restaurant designer and global creator of invulnerable art that will last forever.
Its all disruptive technology, and, as in art, the most disruptive to our "driving in the rut" mentality is good as it gets us out of the left, logical brain into the creative right--although if we could hand on the middle fence- contact:

Of Course as Dr. Pietsch would tell you, if you write, he does not me from Adams apple, but I do like IU, as my aunt graduated from there in the 50's after she gave up as buyer for the now defunct Ayres Department Stores in Indianapolis, IN. Me, Ball state was not too intimadating and close to home so David Letterman (talk show) both went there and did pretty well. (  We never did do medical research, except human nature which is a type of science, I guess.

There are a lot of neat drawings on this page that did not transfer here but you can go look if you are more visual, than print oriented.

As we go deeper into the brain, keep in mind that the corpus callosum is a broad, thick band running from side to side and consisting of millions and millions of nerve fibers. [For orientation , go here]. The fibers are axons of cells in the cerebral cortex. If something prevents those cells from developing then the corpus callosum won't develop, either; a condition called agencies of the corpus callosum (ACC) will be the result.

It's often necessary to dissect deep into the human brain to see some of its most important parts. The corpus callosum is no exception. With the brain split right down the middle (a so-called sagittal section),

The rear of the corpus callosum is the splenium, the sparing of which during split-brain surgery reportedly permits the patient's personality to remain single and unified .

What about the splenium of the corpus callosum? A friend of mine, a neurosurgeon turned neurophysiologist, the late Hiroharu Noda , gave me this slide some years ago when we team-taught a graduate course on the visual part of the brain.    (pietsch)

I just wanted to mash Microsoft and medicine and a great University together to show you that the middle path is always the most creative: kind of a "zen medicine) for the modern age. It always sounds like one clapping, which a guru once told me  is the cause of the sounds of silence.


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