Tuesday, December 9, 2008

FBI: Blagojevich singled out Trib's McCormick - Yahoo! News

the gov has got great hair; looks a little "tommy cruisey" to me. afp/getty images/file: the govenor is trying to be the "media terminator:" as he trys to off Chicago Trib ed: John P. McCormick--the deputy editorial page editor is Scottish,he is smart and can handle the attack..strange in a democracy; the gov is trying to eliminate the media watchdogs. did i ever read about "freedom of the press" somewhere, maybe inthe constitution of the USA...maybe i dreamed it up. Lets see: goorge orwell--1984-the book is it coming true. A defination I learned at Hillsdale.edu:
"ideas have consequences" & " Thom Jefferson, about an educated population...its somewhere in the FEDERALIST PAPERS....if you dont want a history repeat; first: read the historybooks

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