Friday, December 26, 2008

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The EmDrive
A New Concept in Spacecraft Propulsion
Satellite Propulsion Research Ltd (SPR Ltd) l UK based company, demonstrated a space propulsion technology. Sucessfully tested both: experimental thruster & demonstrator engine using patented microwave technology converting electrical energy directly into thrust. No propellant is used in the conversion process. Thrust is produced by the amplification of the radiation pressure of an electromagnetic wave propagated through a resonant waveguide assembly.


A digital version of the May 2007 Eureka magazine, containing a cover article on EmDrive downloaded: Eureka magazine, May 2007

October 2008
SUPERCONDUCTING: Basically, at absolute zero, magnets become superconductors. This is a scientific fact (ed.)
The experimental superconducting thruster has achieved a Q value of 6.8 x 106 at -195 deg C. This is the highest Q value reported for an HST microwave cavity.

The theory and test results for the EmDrive programme :IAC : IAC 2008 paper

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