Friday, February 13, 2009

Who really invented Television?

Broken News:TV©1928 Scotsman-John Logie Baird (1888-1946)©

apparatus: Original TV

"The first person to appear was the office boy from the floor below, a youth named William Taynton, and he, rather reluctantly, consented to submit himself to the experiment. I placed him before the transmitter and went into the next room to see what the screen would show. The screen was entirely blank, and no effort of tuning would produce any result. Puzzled, and very disappointed, I went back to the transmitter, and there the cause of the failure became at once evident. The boy, scared by the intense white light had backed away from the transmitter. In the excitement of the moment I gave him half a crown (then worth 60 cents), and this time he kept his head in the right position. Going again into the next room, I saw his head on the screen quite clearly. It is curious to consider that the first person in the world to be seen by television should have required a bribe to accept that distinction." First TV appearance: Speech to the Royal Academy by Mr. Baird

So now, since Andy warhol, told the public that they would get 15 minutes of fame, no bribes are needed! The speech was given in 1931 and concuded

 Throughout the world the highest scientific thought is being devoted to television. Vast strides have been made, and will be made, in this new art. I myself look forward to seeing, in the not far distant future, television theatres supersede the talkies, and the home "Televisor" become as common as the home radio is to-day.

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