Friday, February 13, 2009

Sacred:West Winds (Arkansas) Damaged in Ice Storm - from Wind Daughter

  • Dear Ones, 
  • Zan, actor teacher, native american healer, counselor/student 
  •     I wanted to let all of you know what is happening here in Arkansas .  Seven days ago we were hit really hard with an ice and snow storm.  This storm came exactly 51 weeks after the tornado hit my little town in Feb. 2008.  Not only did Arkansas receive great damage, but MO. TN. and KY did as well.  From what I have heard, KY received the worst. 
  •  by Wind Daughter at West Winds
    2360312330.jpg     I have been without power now for 7 days and they are expecting it to possibly take at least 2 weeks to get it restored.  I do have intermittent phone service now, but was without for 3 1/2 days.  I had 4 to 10 inches of ice and snow on my flat roof and spent the better part of 3 days chipping it and pushing it to the edge and off to prevent its collapse. Temps were cold so I couldn't work for too long at a stretch.  Most of the ice has melted and the ground is saturated.  I have walked the land close to the house and have about 30 trees down, with many more damaged.  Today I went out for the first time and discovered many more trees along the road that runs the east side of the property.  From the garden area looking out over the valley, there are more down than I can count.  As I drove to town, I witnessed so much damage.  The Tree Nation has taken a very hard hit.
  •    Back home at West Winds, I have been able to stay warm with the wood stove.  I have exhausted the wood pile closest to the house and am now carrying wood from the sweat lodge site.  I pile the wood onto a tarp and drag it back to the house.  I'm thankful that my years of training taught me to always have water drawn up.  I have stored gallons of water in the basement as well as in the pantry.  There are about 80 gallons stored in the cave.
  •    Getting to the cave was an ordeal.  Many branches and a few trees blocked the way.  Crawling over and under I managed to get through.  I did my work as best I could during the daylight.  I used oil lamps at night.  None of the buildings here were damaged.  And all the animals are safe.  I do worry about the wild ones in the woods.  I have a gas stove so have been able to cook.  I heat water to wash dishes and to bathe.
  •    Steven, who has done so much work on the land here, finally made it to West Winds. It took him 4 hours to go 13 miles because of all the trees blocking the roads.  He had a chainsaw and worked his way here. He later brought in a generator (which was a dangerous adventure in itself), and now the fridge and freezer are working.  I have a lamp and can use the computer again.  I finally got all the ice off the porch today.  The forecast is for more rain with temps going into the teens.  Snow is predicted for Tuesday.The ice is worse. As the ice melts, the ground gives way and more trees come down.
  •    The Dance Ground was spared as well as the Medicine Wheel.  The Earth Mound is intact.  All in all everything will be OK.  It could have been much worse.  We have been blessed.
  •    I have asked Pat to please send this out to everyone.  I ask for prayers for all the Tree and Plant People, as well as the animals. 
  •    If anyone has a generator to spare, 'West Winds' could surely use one.  There will be a lot of time and great expense to clear and cut all the trees that are down, as well as taking down the ones that are damaged.  Any help that you can offer will be greatly appreciated. 

  • If you are able to make a donation to help with the West Winds land restoration, please make the check payable to "Wind Daughter" and send it to me at: P.O. Box 2388, Mountain View, AR 72560.  My phone number is: 870/368-7877. 
  • If you can't reach me, please contact Pat at 
  • and let her know that you are trying to contact me.  She will be checking that email daily for me.
  • "West Winds is dedicated as a Spiritual Center for all of you.  I hope you will visit us soon."
  • Wind Daughter Email: 

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