Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Microsoft's Search Strategy -

Microsoft's Search Strategy -
Microsoft has lost its footing since gates moved to New Zealand--he seeks stability, neutraility, less stress and leaves all those behind for poor steve, who gets "egged" in Hungary the way the old Vaudeville players got it along with tomatoes' when their act was bad.  When Jack Eckerd, founder of Eckerd Drug Stores, left the chairmanship to seek nomination as secretary of commerce of Florida, hoping to eventually run for Gov; he left a vacuum that no one could fill.  Eckerd died in his 90's of alzheimers after inventing self service drug chains and the "senior discount". He began with only 3 stores; Mr. Gates in a garage, it is said.

Hotmail was started by a few MBA's and a vision of free email. It is now used mostly by spammers.  The producty cycle of Microsoft has turned hard and when the founder is away, the techies play and no one really has a stake in the company.

Yahoo has been slipping since Google got its frontal lobes in the door and there must be a smell of fresh kill of Yahoo since Microsoft has been circling in for the kill. Its all business today but no one cares as Microsoft cuts the silver cord on XP for loyalists.

Long live Google and Apple with their gaggles of Ph. D.'s and "genius" bars. Its always happy hour somewhere in the world say the drinkers and we apple enthusiasts belly up to the bar for a double of service and 411 on our supported macines and we dont even have to tip the bar tenders.

My advice:  short MSFT & YAHOO and buy apple where the founders are close to the consumers ear; to all others they just have their eye on the bottom line.
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