Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Enota lodge, hiawassee, georgia

Enota is an old cherokee name.
susan freed is the trustee. It has been selected of 1/127 camps to achieve the award placing it in the top 3% of camps in the USA OF THIS capiber. there is a healing spa and can accomodate up to 250 people for conventions. I would like to see mens groups meet here for healing and meditation.

we have no financial or other interest just a great passion to pass the word on the camp
Enota is located on sixty wooded acres, which were once ancient sacred Cherokee land and then a Cherokee village. When gold was discovered in the mountains in the 1800’s the land was confiscated by US government and subsequently sold to a family who homesteaded it for 60 years.  The(from the website) land was then sold to the YMCA which used the land as a boys camp for 50 years.  It then became an RV, cabin and tent campground and is now in Trust for conservation, educational and spiritual purposes.  Enota is surrounded by 750,000 acres of Chattahoochee National Forest

A campground a self sustaining community with hydro, wind, organic garden, its own chickens and eggs serving buffet style meals very reasonable campground a self sustaining community with hydro, wind, organic garden, its own chickens &campground for Rv's and tents with a family/kid area.
there is a stocked lake for fishing and ducks and wild animals abound. There are lots of hiking trails and there are numerous groups, internationally from India, Russia and England working on ecological issues here at the Enota lodge.

We hve been camping here in this area of N. Georgia for years but only  5 years found this camp. We did not know it had gone organic and in the future fully raw. It will be a healing center with acupuncture, massage, and organic training.

There is a large water fall about 1/2 mile  on a steep grade close to the camp with is well worth the climb. When I went up, a family with the man carrying a 3 week old boy with sky blue eyes that keep looking and listening up for all of the sights and sounds of mother earth.

this lodge is based on honor, respect for the tradition of honoring the earth and keeping chemicals out. We feel it is an honor to eat organic food, grown in their own garden and dine with international students and interested people.

there are fire circles and sweat lodges from time to time and plenty for the kids to do. We have no financial interest in Enota; just travelers swept up by the energy of the magicial camp, the thick cover of trees and hills and creeks that lull us to sleep.

And yes, it is 503(c) non-profit that needs volunteers.
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