Friday, August 10, 2012


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Mediation, like friendship, group therapy or building a bridge requires cooperation, social synectics & sociology group process. SRQ people should set up a round table group on how we can seed and grow our social skills; mostly meet and welcome new people to the world of art, service and inter-cultural friendship.  In 1976 I wrote a set of management documents to train the Iranians under the direction of a service sub-DOD contract with Bell Helicopter Textron in Teheran.  It was only American Peter Drucker (University of Vienna, my Alma Mater) style management systems but when we stared across the divide, it was about not the East vs. the West but in the Eastern Mind and the Western Brain. At that juncture I realized that our culture burns a path using neurons, ritual, social, intellectual and yes, even Chai (TeA) ceremonies to set one side or the other. We must be "pokers" and drill holes in the corpus coliseum of our collective ancient Jungian experiences and realize that Plato was correct when he wrote of the idols of the cave and the market place.  Its all a play within a play, as Hamlet taught us, to expose the real culprit: illusion and fear. If  you want to join me in a pledge to cross the bounds of religion, education, self centered-ness  and ego and money-power walls, dissolve them with love and service to one another--lets begin now.  One hand outstretched will be received by another and joining we can unite and collect toward the singularity in quantum physics, that is near and create the petabytes of energy it will take to "wormhole" ourselves through to the dimensions of time and space that now separate us propelling us beyond Mars and the Moon into a space where we are all joined in the power of ONE. Creation begins with just a touch.. artists begin with a blank paper, a stick and intention. This is where we are now. Because, NOW is the only constant we have.  You realise that Hericlitus taught his students that they could not put their foot in the same river even once.  The river is Time and we must engage or die.

Kent c Norton
Certified Court Mediator/healthcare
Trained by Project on Negotiation-Harvard "Program on Negotiation "thirteenth Judicial District, Tampa

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