Friday, February 24, 2012

google silo non-privacy

  • Free Domain RegistrationGoogle® privacy policy; it means that Google is simply compiling all of your searches, every time you are logged into your account of pictures, names, faces, concepts,images, news...anything you search for is kept in a file. 
  • Until May1, 2012 they agreed to now compile these. at that date all of your searches will be congregated into one file and with your personal data, like your computer id (serial number--like your social security #) and other personal data, such as birth dates, your profile and your connections and degrees of separations from others, etc. All of this data will be lifted to the "cloud" servers with Yottabyte – One Billion Petabytes! 10^24   and its this much in the universe: The mass of the earth is 5.98*1027 grams. That's the scientific way to write a large number that has a lot of zeros. We can write the mass of the earth with all the zeros like this:
  • there is a way to stop tracking cookies, different than normal cookies. It is only available for certain browsers. you have to check...Remember you only have to may 1, 2012. No, I am not a Geek so you may need help on this.
  • 5,980,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 grams so they are going to put everything in just one silo for the viewing pleasure of any law enforcement, hacker, government agency; just about anyone. what ever happened to the "do no evil" motto of the early Google.. as Lord Acton said in the 15th century "power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely" you can delete this stuff by doing to your google account and under your name open it and find tools that open up the history and delete it. you will be surprised how much there is. if you do not meet the deadline; your data is kept forever...So in God we trust...others we must delete....

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