Monday, January 2, 2012

chemicals and flying pigs

i am convinced that antibiotics and chemicals are causing most of our pain and death in the USA as BigFarma pays gov officials to put more additives that humans only accumulate in their bodies with no exit; destroying nature own cleansing systems. #DISCLOSURE, I HAVE NO Financial interest nor any affiliation in these products, except for my own health and your well being and that of all the children and animals of the planet. Dr. David Eigen has introduced me to these products, only in that he uses them for his own health. And for that I am grateful and want to pass on some research i am doing on behalf of my clients of Nano7labs, a research arm of harvard dispute/health systems. thanks for reading and good health. "if you wear out your body; where will you live the rest of your life?" kent

if chickens are really pigs; then all of those predictions of "when pigs fly" will come true; that may end the world in 2012....

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