Monday, April 27, 2009

Neural Correlates of Consciousness - The MIT Press-Unconscious Review

Neural Correlates of Consciousness - The MIT Press
Philosophers have, for thousands of years, from Socrates, to Bertrand Russel, to "name your favorite" debated and journaled "consciousness" of humans and machine.  Can physical states of the human brain, with its many folds, generate epistomology=my fav subject.  Speculation on my part-of my brain, I know which not.
for Hamlet, it was "to be or not to be" that was the question, his indecision led him to a death, not  quite honorable, yet the question was never answered. If he were here in body, "fat and scant of breath" with the requisite metabolic syndrome and a body mass of 30+, could or should he read this book. Maybe.

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