Tuesday, October 14, 2008

stacey goes intuitive artist

Kenny Decamp was a mime and worked for Andy Whorhal among others in Chicago and graced sarastoa with his presence and even started the


Kenny DeCamp of Arts and Culture Magazine and the Fine Arts Society, stated they are sponsoring the last ballet of the season. He wants to help the Ballet with fundraising and having the magazine sponsor events. He offered his e-blast service. The website is www.artsandculturemag.com I believe it is no longer available.
Stacey has a "Betty Freidan" glass table and heart shaped rocks, one weighing over 900 pounds in her front yard. Her husband and son help inspire her intuitive artworks which are selling well on all market fronts.

We want to start a "theoritical conceptual" arts think-do tank with local 34236 artists, maybe through www.meetup.com or via text messages.
stacey's website written about in an article

There are brilliant artists here and during these rough econ times; we need to support and encourage each other...remember that the evil wolf and the good wolf both come to your cabin in the night. The one who stays is the one you feed---an old Cherokee folk story.

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